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5 Printed Maps of San Miguel

Visitors to San Miguel will find free and fee maps.

We have listed the name of the printed map, publisher, size, cost, content, where to find it, publishers address, telephone and email address.

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Consejo Turístico
Cost: Free
Publisher: Consejo Turístico de San Miguel
Content: Location of colonias, centro's street, small map of the state of Guanajuato, recomended places to visit in Guanajuato, attraactions in San Miguel, adverts for shops
Street: Plaza Principal #8
Neighborhood: Centro
Where to find it: Tourism Office
Telephone: 152 0900
Mapa - Map
Cost: 50 Pesos
Publisher: Guia de Conexiones
Content: Location of Colonias within the city, zip codes, list of streets, Guanajuato state map, routes of interest, municipal map, places of interest
Street: Volanteros #7
Neighborhood: Centro
Size: 78.5 cm x 67cm
Where to find it: Conexiones Volanteros #7 Centro, Portal Allende
Telephone: 154 5099, 154 5198
Rating 3 by 1 visitor.
Mapa Artistico - Artistic Map
Cost: Free & 50 pesos some places
Publisher: Promovision
Content: Hotels, decoration, restaurants, jewelry stores, real estate, bars, boutiques, crafts, state highway map, festivities and events, tourist points of interest
Street: Hidalgo #16
Neighborhood: Centro
Size: 58 cm x 43.5 cm
Where to find it: Portal Allende, advertisers' locations
Telephone: 152 6944, 044 415 103 9697
The Best Map
Cost: 30 pesos
Publisher: E&R Publications
Content: Neighbourhoods, festivities calendar, phone codes, key places to visit
Street: Balcón de la Cañada #13
Neighborhood: La Cañada Fracc.
Where to find it: La Tienda at Biblioteca Publica
Telephone: 152 7396
The Map, San Miguel de Allende
Cost: Free
Publisher: The Map